Our firm is a boutique accounting firm specializing in foreign affiliated companies and companies which conduct international transactions. Drawing on over 10 years of relevant sector experience, our aim is to offer our clients “Big 4” quality professional services, with efficiency and passion.

Foreign affiliated companies/ Japanese multinational companies/Expatriates

Foreign affiliated companies/ Japanese multinational companies/Expatriates

We provide accounting, payroll and tax services based on Big 4 quality knowledge and experience. All our services are available in English.

  • 1. Tax Compliance services

    Tax return and tax application filing
    Tax credit for foreign taxes
    Tax haven taxation, etc.

  • 2. Japanese/International Tax Advisory Services

    Advice on Japanese/International taxes
    Tax consulting for multinational companies

  • 3. Tax treaty and withholding income tax advisory services

    Advisory services on tax treaties and withholding income tax
    Support on filing of tax treaty application forms

  • 4. Bookkeeping/Accounting Services

    Preparation of Japanese Statutory Ledgers based on JGAAP
    Accounting and reporting service based on IFRS
    Accounting and reporting service based on USGAAP

  • 5. Payroll/Social Insurance Services

    Monthly payroll/Year-end adjustments
    Social insurance administration/Reporting to social insurance agencies
    Liaison service to headquarters

  • 6. Disbursement services

    Support to open a bank account in Japan
    Disbursement services on behalf of clients
    Liaison service to headquarters

  • 7. International executive services for foreigners, expatriates and overseas assignees

    Tax and labor advisory services/Gross-up calculations
    Individual income tax return filing
    Tax agent services for non-residents and repatriates

Supported countries

We have been providing our services to the Japanese subsidiaries, branch, etc.
of the below countries as of June 2022.

Supported countries
  • Ireland
  • UK
  • Sweden
  • Germany
  • France
  • Japan
  • India
  • Australia
  • Singapore
  • China
  • Philippine
  • Vietnam
  • Hong Kong
    Hong Kong
  • America
  • Canada
  • Costa Rica
    Costa Rica
Ireland, UK, Sweden, Germany, France
Asia / Pacific
Japan、India、Australia、Singapore、China、Philippine、Vietnam、Hong Kong
North America / Latin America
America、Canada、Costa Rica
Domestic companies / Venture companies / Individual entrepreneurs

Domestic companies / Venture companies / Individual entrepreneurs

We provide a wide range of clients with services suitable to their requirements and circunstances.

  • 1. Japanese tax return filing

    We can file tax returns and tax applications through the electronic filing system pursuant to client approval, which can save paperwork and time for delivery.

  • 2. Bookkeeping/Accounting

    We can provide timely and accurate bookkeeping/accounting services, helping clients to make timely management decisions.

  • 3. Payroll /Social insurance administration

    We can provide payroll services and handle social insurance administration.

  • 4. Business consultation

    We can support the development of management plans and help clients to solve business issues utilizing our network and experience.

  • 5. Support on start-up business

    We can propose the best business entity to start the new business, help to prepare the budget plan for the bank, etc.

  • 6. IPO Consulting

    We can provide “hands-on support” for clients which are preparing to become listed.

  • 7. Support to set up accounting system

    We can propose the most appropriate accounting software for clients based on their business plan.

  • 8. Appointment of a non-exective director/a statutory auditor

    We have a breadth of auditing in publicly listed company and professional experience.   We can strengthen corporate governance by being appointed as a non-exective director/a statutory auditor and exercising independent judgement.